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At the Museum

I co-manage the Education Team at the Michigan State University Museum. My work includes collaboration with colleagues in the Museum and the Michigan State University and in local and international communities.

  • Manager: Program oversight, budget oversight, strategic planning, and grant writing
  • Supervisor: Office support staff, program support staff, and research staff/volunteers
  • Educator: Programming and events, materials development, instruction, and visitor services (including Docent Program)
  • Researcher: Studies on learning in informal learning environments
  • Evaluator: Exhibits, programs, visitor studies, institutional attendance records
  • Founder and coordinator of SEAL – Tots (Successfully Engaging All Learners) preschool program at the Michigan State University Museum
  • Coordinator of the Informal Learning Network at Michigan State University, a campus-wide network for faculty, academic specialists, staff, and students whose work involves informal education

Current Research Projects

My research focuses on learning in informal environments. My current areas of interest include issues of physical and cognitive access in museums.

  • Study about school-museum collaborations
  • Study about children’s perceptions of museum exhibits as gendered

University Teaching

I strive to blend content, pedagogical approaches, and learning tools to create a classroom atmosphere in which students are actively engaged, not only in constructing knowledge, but also in developing themselves as professionals who learn and teach creatively and critically.

View my teaching philosophy statement

Courses Taught at Michigan State University

Professional Development and Inquiry (TE 807). Spring 2016 (online), Fall 2016 (online)

Professional Roles and Teaching Practice II – Social Studies (TE 803). Spring 2015 (traditional), Spring 2014 (hybrid)

Intern supervisor: Learners and Learning in Contexts (TE 302). Fall 2014

Independent study courses (graduates and undergraduates). Spring 2015 (3 students), Fall 2014 (1 student), Fall 2013 (1 student), Spring 2013 (1 student)

Electronic Portfolios for Teaching and Learning (CEP 813)

Master’s Program Capstone Course (ED 870/CEP 807)

Reflections on Learning (TE 150)

Teaching of Social Studies to Diverse Learners, K-8 (TE 401)

Courses Taught at Western Kentucky University

Educational Psychology (PSY 310)

Psychological Perspectives on Classroom Behavior (PSY 519)

Other Teaching and Outreach

S.E.A.L. – Tots (Successfully Engaging All Learners) Preschool Program

I founded and coordinate S.E.A.L. – Tots (Successfully Engaging All Learners) preschool program at the Michigan State University Museum. S.E.A.L. – Tots provides developmentally appropriate museum learning experiences for children ages 2-5 and their caregivers. S.E.A.L. – Tots is generously funded by the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

Enrichment Clusters Program

In Spring 2010, I volunteered to take part in the Enrichment Clusters program at Murphy Elementary School in Haslett, Michigan. Fifteen students in grades 3-5 worked together to learn more about honoring historical events and create a real world product or service. Click here to see what it’s all about!